The existing design objects and furniture couldn’t be always used for the new interior design. For that reason we often use furniture made for individual projects.
This allows us to create unique interiors and to provide finalized result, which meets any of wishes and requirements, to our client.
Being hWork with italian manufacturersere in Italy, we have the ability to choose products from a sufficiently large number of furniture factories and contact the manufacturer directly, which makes it possible to design projects and complex structural elements together with the engineers and the manufacturer.
We develop the interior, starting with the concept, aesthetic and functional requirements , using and combining a variety of materials in the finishing : leather, metal , various types of wood , glass , stone, plastics and other synthetic materials .
Together with production capacity of Italian furniture factories and a wide selection of modern materials and accessories - we achieve an excellent result that satisfies any sophisticated clients.
NG-STUDIO is also collaborating with furniture manufacturers in the framework of creating a set of collections of furniture and interior items under its own brand.