NG-STUDIO provides a full range of services including design, budgeting, realization of the project, the full completation of furniture and interior design, supervision and putting the object into commission. 
1.    Creating a design concept and project documentation.
2.    Forming of a total budget of the project on the basis of agreed project documentation. Formation of a suitable plan for stages of funding. 
3.    Selection of contractors for the project realization, a comparative analysis of the estimated cost of the work. 
4.    Alignment and obtaining permitting documentation on execution of works. 
5.    Performing the function of a general contractor. Conclusion of contracts and carrying out payments under the contracts.
6.    Compiling of General time schedule and funding. Supervising over the execution of works on site. Acceptance of work for subsequent transfer to the Client.
7.    Completation of the project with furnishings, finishing materials, decor and home appliances. The organization of delivery and assembly on site.
8.    Providing of warranty commitments.
The projected result follows from carefully executed project documentation and proper organization of work on site.
Many years of experience of project realization, a strong team of executors, knowledge of technologies and materials allow us to implement complex and ambitious projects within the approved budget, and timelines.
Furthermore, direct contacts with over 120 manufacturers of furniture, home appliances, lighting and decor, allow us to complete the project based on of aesthetic demands and wishes of the client, but not limited to the proposing of the local market.